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Frat Beach 2014 Recap Video Was Especially Wild This Year


Frat Beach 2014 Lead

The dust has finally settled after “The World’s Largest Cocktail Party” aka Frat Beach, and it’s safe to say that this year’s edition looked especially turnt. This is the one place in the world that rivals PCB’s Spring Break as a college kid’s wet dream.

In our preview for this year’s Florida/Georgia game, we mentioned that two UGA students had secured a sound system permit for St. Simon’s Island. It now appears that was an excellent idea because this was probably the craziest it’s ever been. Here’s a recap video carefully pieced together by a hungover @Trevor_Joyce_.

Watch it here and get excited for the weekend.

And because these kids did such a good partying their faces off, I figured I go through my favorite cast of characters. Added bonus.

Bikini Shirt

The White Buffalo. You never see a good looking woman wear these shirts, so shout out to you.

Butt Tattoo

Butt golf tattoo dude. This is a Top 10 regrettable tattoo, but I can’t hate because it’s just too ridiculous.

Can Opener Teeth

Can Opener Teeth aka Butt golf tattoo dude. If this kid is the same as the kid before (which I’m guessing is the case because who else owns turquoise tanktops?) there is a 100% possibility that this kid fails of out school. He’s just too wild.

Don't Dance

The “My [expletives] don’t dance we just drink hard liquor to the face” guy. Everyone in the background is dancing and having a good time and homeboy here is just taking rips from a bottle of SoCo without so much as a head bob. Fierce.

Jaeger Bomb

JaegerMeister. Jaeger is best drunk cold. There is no way that this bottle is cold. Sun, backwash, and handwarming have brought it up to a very warm temperature.


Chicks kissing for the camera. Easiest way to get a shoutout COED.

Sexy Cop

Sexy cop. She pulls of the sexy cop look perfectly.

Sexy Cop 2

Sexy cop #2. She deserves a rewind. Bravo bravo.

Thigh Crazy

Thigh crazy. I don’t know what “thigh crazy” even means, but looking at the way she’s dressed and acting, I’m guessing it has something to do with drugs.

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