Alexa Chung Turns 31 as Britain's Hottest Export [21 PHOTOS]

Alexa Chung turns 31 years old, which is pretty young for a major fashion icon. Of course, we know Alexa Chung as the model most likely to make us walk into a street pole while walking around Manhattan. She doesn’t just get around. Alexa pretty much treats New York City as her own personal catwalk. She may not bare her bod as much as guys would like, but she sure knows how to show off some of the best legs in the biz. [photo via…]
Of course, it’s kind of society’s fault that we don’t see more of Alexa Chung. Yes, she’s busy as an author and editor at British Vogue, but people actually complained when she posted a very revealing photo on Twitter once. There was some outrage over how Alexa was way too thin and providing a bad body image. Yeesh. She’s an English gal, folks. They get tall and willowy. That’s how we get hot models out of the UK.
Thankfully, Alexa keeps walking the streets of NYC, where a woman has the right to be as tall and willowy as she likes. We likes plenty–so let’s celebrate all that with some hot pics below…

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