Tahan Lew Fatt Should Be On Your Radar [PHOTOS]

Tahan Lew Fatt is a model and television star who should be on your radar. She was originally a Hawaiian Tropic Finalist model and then moved onto Big Brother: Australia where she immediately became one of the show’s most popular contestants. Since then, Tahan has gone onto do photo shoots with Zoo Australia and many others, and rumors have it that she’s got a new show in the works over in India.
I know that we don’t cover a lot of reality stars in “On Your Radar” or even on COED but once I saw some unreleased photos of the lovely Tahan (which we can’t post but here’s the link) I knew that we had to publish her on the site. Enjoy and don’t forget to follow her on social media.

Age: 25 | Nationality: Australian

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