Alex Rodriguez Paid Cousin For His Silence, According To New Court Documents

Alex Rodriguez cousin drug scandal

The past year has been a long one for Alex Rodriguez, with the baseball star sitting out a year-long suspension from the major leagues. However, it sounds like A-Rod has got himself a new set of problems–courtesy of documents that were filed last week in U.S. District Court. The documents claim that Rodriguez paid his cousin Yuri Sucart nearly $1 million in exchange for his silence about Rodriguez’s drug use. [photo: Patrick Smith/Getty]

This is potentially a game changer for Rodriguez, who could now be facing jail time for his bribe. The court filing claims that Sucart’s former attorney demanded $5 million, but it ended up being just $900,000 in the end. Rodriguez would love to get back to the New York Yankees for the 2015 season and actually play baseball but that may not be the case.

No one has heard for Rodriguez publicly since the suspension went into effort earlier this year. He is going to have to break his silence at some point in time. If everything in the court documents is true, it is more likely that A-Rod is going to be spending his time this coming summer in a court room instead of a baseball diamond.

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