Nik Wallenda Breaks Two World Records… Still a Douche [VIDEO]

Sunday night in Chicago, wire walker Nik Wallenda broke two world records on Discovery Channel’s Skyscraper Live; the steepest incline wire walk and highest / longest blindfolded wire walk. And despite Nik’s amazing talent for walking the tightrope, he still remains an extremely unlikeable douche. His need to restate over and over his mission to challenge the world to never give up–plus the countless references to God and Jesus–come off as insincere and farcical as a Tim Heidecker character on his Awesome Show.

But still check out some incredible video. We know this is all a real achievement, but we won’t give you a hard time if you were praying for something really awful to happen on live television…


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Stuff The Intern Forgot: Theaters Ban Google Glass [Links]
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