Angie Harmon Gets Divorced, We Celebrate With Her Hottest Photos

Angie Harmon is getting divorced–and if that’s not a big deal to you, then your inner child has forgotten the sight of Agent Ronica Miles in a movie that we like to call Agent Cody Banks. That’s right–Angie Harmon’s the gal with the cleavage that woke up a generation of boys to the allure of big boobies. We’re betting that Malcolm would’ve liked to have gotten in the middle of that, right? Because, you know, junior secret agent Cody Banks was played by Frankie Muniz. (Cody had to settle for Hilary Duff, who turned out just fine.)
Anyway, the important thing is that Angie Harmon is divorcing her football-playing husband Jason Sehorn, and let that be a lesson to any guy who proposes to his girlfriend on The Tonight Show while Jay Leno is leering away and Elton John is playing a romantic theme on the piano. That was way back in 1998, when Angie Harmon was hot enough to have her pairs paired with David Hasselhoff on Baywatch Nights. Her big’uns wouldn’t hit the big screen in Agent Cody Banks until 2003.
And we know that Angie Harmon might be filed under Throwback Thursday babes nowadays, but these pics cover a lot of years to remind you that it’s still worth tuning in to ogle Angie on the TNT detective show Rizolli & Isles (along with the occasional guest star like Andra Petru). So reacquaint yourself with Angie Harmon as a hot babe–and she’s gotta be worth some big bucks, so now she’s an even bigger fantasy figure than in the Cody Banks days…

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