Summer Altice: Throwback Thursday With Playboy’s Volleyball Vixen [PHOTOS]


Summer Altice Playboy Playmate hot photos

Playboy Playmate Summer Altice is a superstar to us, because–well, she’s a Playboy Playmate. Summer Altice was the Playboy Playmate from the August, 2000 issue, to be exact. It still seemed for a while that Summer was going to also be one of those Playboy Playmates who’d break through big to real screen stardom. She already came with a great backstory. Summer is “only” 5’10”, so she was kind of beating the odds when she became a volleyball star amongst the really tall girls of San Diego State. [photo via…]

Summer would transfer to UCLA before her college career was over, and Los Angeles was quick to pick up on her amazing look. She enjoyed a long stint as a model before gracing Playboy, and also gave her all for Playboy productions like Playboy’s California Girls and Playboy: No Boys Allowed. That was even after Summer’s fit figure began to hit the big screen–including a memorable turn as a warrior woman in 2002’s The Scorpion King.

Summer picked up a new season of fans with a bikini’d guest turn with Sophia Bush on One Tree Hill, and a lot of guys discovered her as a weeping pick-up in The Wedding Crashers. Summer’s kept working steadily ever since, but Hollywood has never found the right role to really showcase her surprising range. That’s okay, though. Summer has a big following as a DJ, and still works regularly with the Playboy empire. We’re happy to work hard to make sure that a gal like Summer gets rediscovered. That’s why we’re throwing back this Thursday with a gal that still has a bright future in Hollywood. Now check out just how hot Summer has stayed over the years…

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