Horror U: Michelle Borth Seduces ‘The Sisterhood’ [VIDEO]

Michelle Borth The Sisterhood lesbian vampire

What’s the one movie that Michelle Borth doesn’t want people to bring up when she’s promoting Hawaii Five-0? Well, we’re thinking that she takes more pride in 2005’s Komodo vs Cobra than she does in the previous year’s The Sisterhood–aka Pledge of Evil, and sometimes The Sisterhood: Pledge of Evil. We’re thinking that Michelle should take some real pride in The Sisterhood, though, if only because it paired her with director David DeCocteau, who’s making his second appearance at Horror U after our salute to Sorority Girls in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama.

Yes, it seems that David DeCocteau really likes sorority girls–although he also made The Brotherhood, and also 2003’s Leeches!, which are two college horror movies mostly notable for showcasing muscular young men who take lots of showers. Leeches! played on the LOGO network, is all that we’re saying, although DeCocteau definitely lives out loud and proud.

That’s fine with us–especially since The Sisterhood stars Michelle Borth as a vampire who’s pretty much seducing all of her sisters into a Satanic circle. That includes the new girl played by Jennifer Holland, who’s sent undercover by a repressed professor who wants to get to the bottom of what’s happening in the sorority house. It turns out that Michelle Borth is getting to plenty of bottoms, too–if you know what we mean.

The Sisterhood might be the most seriously sexy sorority movie to come out of 2004, and it’s packed full of a cast who looks to be auditioning for The L Word. This one needs to rank high amongst your potential Halloween viewing–and you can actually watch the whole movie below in Spanish, which sure does a lot to sex up the dialogue. Pledge some time to check it out right now..

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