20 Things You Didn’t Know About Goth Girls

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You see them skulking around campus, black (clothed) and white (from lack of sun) and looking dead all over. They’re Goth Girls—ladies of the night in a more aesthetic sense of that term (usually), freaky-deaky Draculina-types glaring at those who dare stare while silently fretting over their fishnets being ripped exactly right. Most times, we pass by these (slavishly self-created) exotic creatures with their ancient Egypt eyebrows, Cure t-shirts, clove cigarettes, and unholier-than-thou attitudes and feel mild curiosity or maybe even we snicker.

Then comes Halloween.

Suddenly, every October, we’re living in their world, and it occurs to us that goth staples such as cleavage-pumping bustiers, butt-hugging latex skirts, and blood-hued lipstick would really enliven and accentuate the dark carnality in even the peppiest and preppiest of sorority sisters. And maybe sex inside a coffin really would be a wild kick, huh?

What follows is a skeleton key to cryptic components of the modern Death Bettie’s influences, incarnations, and modern manifestations. Here are 20 things (and people) you didn’t know (and need to know) about Goth Girls…

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