Bikini Girls vs Evil Asian Floating Head: “As The Gods Will” Trailer [VIDEO]

Hot bikini models from Japan show off their sexy bods and get interrupted by an evil floating head–and we know exactly what that means. It has to be some kind of bizarre viral marketing for the upcoming Takashi Miike film As The Gods Will. That’s the bizarre new movie from the legendary madman of Japanese cinema. We’ve already marveled over the amazing and ultra-violent As the Gods Will trailer. Now there’s this viral video out of Japan that seems to be a lot sneakier in selling the gory story about Japanese icons come to life.

From what we can understand, you’re looking at some of Japan’s hottest real-life bikini models. The actual video sure seems like a classic bikini-model video. That has us thinking that you’re looking at the Asian equivalent of a Kate Upton bikini shoot that suddenly gets interrupted by Chucky or Jason or some other slasher villain promoting a new movie. Take a look at these pics and see that Japan has really good taste in their equivalents of Kate Upton

…but now let’s prepare you for the video. You might want to check out our first look at As the Gods Will. Things only get crazier in this video, although we’re very happy to report that nothing gets too violent or gory when it comes to our bikini’d beauties. You can feel pretty good (if slightly WTF) while enjoying most of this video. Just be prepared for when this video brings in more Gods movie footage. That gets a little unsexy–but if you’re like us, the video will already have you all set for a premature…um, departure…

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