Woman Who Won the Week: Adrianne Palicki On Big & Small Screens [PHOTOS]

Adrianne Palicki had a heck of a big week, and that wasn’t just on the small screen. Yes, there was a pretty big commotion over Adrianne showing up on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as Hydra Security’s own Bobbi Morse. That means Adrianne Palicki is now set up to become the superheroine known as Mockingbird. Which is pretty cool–especially because comics fans were really disappointed when Adrianne’s pilot for a Wonder Woman series ended up forgotten.
But we’re also getting Adrianne in the multiplexes this weekend in John Wick. There’s a chance that this action film will lose out to Ouija at being #1 at the box office, but John Wick is still getting Keanu Reeves some hot reviews–and the action flick also has Adrianne as part of the army of assassins who are out to kill the titular hit man. Adrianne’s the only girl in the group, but that isn’t the only reason that her character steals the show.
We’ve already celebrated Adrianne’s turn on S.H.I.E.L.D. with a collection of hot pics, but we can’t ignore her turn at the multiplexes–so now we’re offering up more pics of this serious sex symbol. Check out our collection of film stills from her sexiest roles. We have her being discovered in Friday Night Lights, and two pics of her playing the same sexy character in Women in Trouble and Elektra Luxx, plus lots of pics from Adrianna’s recent hot role on the About a Boy sitcom. Take a look and see why Adrianne really deserves her awesome week…

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