Olivia Munn Brought Sideboob & Feathers To the Ballet [PICS]

Olivia Munn attended the big gala for the opening of the 2014 season of the American Ballet Theatre in NYC–and we don’t really know much about ballet, but do people do cosplay there? Because we’re thinking that Olivia Munn decided to go as a Slutty Black Swan. She looks good, too. Maybe we’re supposed to be surprised at seeing Olivia Munn at the ballet, but she’s already proven that she can pretty much go anywhere and do anything. She’s been a Geek Goddess and a serious actress, and maybe now she’s becoming some kind of socialite.  
We’re also still pretty sure that she’s dating Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rogers. We bet that guy could use some culture. So let’s hear it for Oliva expanding her horizons. Now check out how she can expand a feathered dress, and try not to think about how Olivia would look doing Sexy Big Bird cosplay. We’re not thinking about that, either…  [Photo: Cindy Ord/Getty]

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