Kiesza: See Her Tonight On “Conan” [PICS]

See Her Tonight

Kiesza on Conan

(11:00 PM EST, TBS)

Your pals at the See Her Tonight column don’t necessarily endorse Kiesza as a hot new dance artist. We’re a little annoyed by her Madonna-on-Ecstasy dance moves and dopey percolating pop hits. And we also really hate that Tim Tebow-like pose that she keeps striking like she’s already posing for the Kiesza statue at the EDM Hall of Fame. [photo via…]
But we have noticed that Kiesza’s defining pose can also offer up a healthy dose of sideboob, and her energetic dance moves sure put a sexy spin on her songs. Which is to say that we’d gladly see Kiesza perform live–and she’s also welcome into our living rooms with her turn on Conan tonight–as she joins former Conan guests like Emmy Rossum and Lizzy Caplan. You might not have caught up Kiesza’s kickin’ style yet, but take a look at these pics and see why she’s worth watching–even with the sound off…

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