Ireland Baldwin Turns 19 — With A Hot Year of Sexy Instagram Pics

Ireland Baldwin turns 19 years old today–that being October 23, 2014–and things have been going pretty well for the spawn of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger. In fact, we’re pretty sure that we join Ireland Baldwin’s parents in agreeing that their daughter was the best thing to come out of their troubled marriage way back in the ’90s. Ireland has sure been happy to follow her mom’s footprints as a hot model. The showbiz offspring isn’t shy about chronicling her fabulous life on Instagram, either.
There’s been a lot to cover in a very hot year–and we have Ireland’s most intimate moments from her Instagram account. That includes lots of pics of her frolicking with lesbian love Angel Haze, plus the pics that Ireland has shared from some of her recent work in front of the cameras. Check out Ireland modeling with Gigi Hadid, working wild clothes for both the Rampage clothing line and Galore mag’s summer series, plus a pic that salutes Ireland landing on Maxim‘s Hot 100.
And when you’re done marveling over Ireland’s beautiful year–well, there’s even more of Ireland on Instagram to check out. We compiled all of Ireland’s early sexy Instagram selfies earlier, and we also followed Ireland on the beach. Yeah, this is a year where Ireland has kept on giving–and we’re looking forward to her rocking her 19th year, too….

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Kiesza: See Her Tonight On “Conan” [PICS]
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