Karine Vanasse on "Revenge" [SEE HER TONIGHT]

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Karine Vanasse on Revenge

(10:00 PM EST, ABC)

Your humble See Her Tonight colum has already gotten distracted on Sundays over Elena Satine joining the cast of Revenge. Now our keen deductive skills have picked up on Karine Vanasse settling into a regular role as vamping French businesswoman Margaux LeMarchal. We’ve been fans of Karine Vanasse for awhile, though–going back to her stint on the shamefully short-lived series Pan Am, where her retro looks helped her fit in fine as a ’60s stewardess working with Christina Ricci and Margot Robbie.  [photo via…]
That quickly-canceled series wrapped up in 2012, and we didn’t really get to see Karine Vanasse as a regular in our living room until Revenge began to make use of her flirty ways last season. We also got to catch Karine in 3D on the big screen last summer in X-Men: Days of Future Past, but that role was way too small. Let’s hope Revenge keeps doing right by Karine–and these pics will get you tuning in right to her tonight…

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