"Vampire Diaries" Vamp Nina Dobrev Can Still Do Bikini Scenes [PICS]

If you have a show called The Vampire Diaries and a star like Nina Dobrev playing a vampire–well, you’re just going to have to break the rules to get in some bikini scenes of your leading lady. Never mind that Nina Dobrev is playing a bloodsucker. It would suck more if you didn’t have Nina getting to enjoy some fun in the sun. That’s why the rules for a non-Original vampire are different, damn it.
Anyway, it was a very special episode of The Vampire Diaries last night. We’ll spare you the epic saga of Elena Gilbert (that’s Nina’s character) and Stefan finally getting back together. That’s something that would take a while to explain–along with this whole sunlight thing. We know that Stefan is protected by a special ring, but we’re pretty sure that Elena has been burnt by sunlight before. Sometimes we get the show confused with the books.
The important thing here is that Elena is just an All-American Vampire Girl who understands that Jell-O shots are a big part of socializing for mere mortals, and so is hanging around a lake in a skimpy bikini. We’d also like to salute the cinematographer of last night’s episode–which was called “Welcome to Paradise”–by not skimping on plenty of shots that looked like paradise to us. That includes an amazing aerial view of Nina from above that was worth whatever it cost for the crane shot.
See that important moment for yourself in the gallery below, along with other video stills that show why “Welcome to Paradise” just became the favorite Vampire Diaries episode for plenty of guys. It was also a nice change from seeing Nina Dobrev showing off epic sideboob at events like the World Music Awards and a Vampire Diaries Press Panel–although you’ll want to check those pics out, too…

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