Bianca Bree Turns 24 & We're Not Afraid of Jean-Claude Van Damme [PICS]

That’s right, folks–Bianca Bree is 24 years old today, and we’re celebrating with plenty of hot pics even if she is Jean-Claude Van Damme’s daughter, because we believe in freedom of the press and celebrating hot babes even if it puts our lives at risk. Also, Jean-Claude Van Damme is marking his 54th birthday tomorrow, so we’re pretty sure that his best spinning back kick would just put us into a coma instead of leading to sure death. Ha, he’s old. [photo via…]
We are not mocking Jean-Claude Van Damme, though, because he is the important actor who brought his daughter along to the 2012 MTV Movie Awards and immediately alerted the public that we all want to sleep with his daughter. We just didn’t know it yet. Amazingly enough, Bianca Bree is still just kind of on the edge of stardom. In fact, we’re kind of disgusted that most of Bianca Bree’s filmography consists of Jean-Claude Van Damme films.
Wake up, Hollywood. Bianca Bree has a brooding brunette presence that’s uniquely her own, and she’s also a fitness model who can match her famous father in fatality-inducing footwork. Also, she’s really hot without ever being generic. It’s looking like we’ll never really get to see our dream cast of The Expendabelles now, but we’re still feeling bad about not adding Bianca to our gallery of dream assassins. Check out these pics and get slayed yourself…

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