Yeah, We're Buying Tickets To See Emma Stone in "Cabaret" [PICS]

The classic movie musical “Cabaret” has had really good luck with its recent Broadway revivals, and the latest one is about to get a real shot in the box office with Emma Stone joining the cast. Actually, Emma Stone was supposed to star in this current production when it opened back in April. Then she had to drop out and they brought in Michelle Williams. Nothing wrong with that.
But now we have Michelle leaving the production in early November, and Emma Stone is finally stepping up as the lead character Sally Bowles–who’s a sexy nightclub singer who ends up entertaining amongst the Nazis of 1931. Emma Stone should really be a big enough deal on her own. Still, the producers have decided to drum up some publicity with this official picture of Emma as Sally.
Well, it can’t hurt to remind people that Sally Bowles is dolled up in hot outfits. It was kind of disconcerting to see Molly Ringwald playing the role back in an earlier production. Anyway, the hit revival probably just became even more of a hit revival, and we’re sure inspired to check out the musical one more time. And if you need more inspiration, there’s more of Emma right here…

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