Ball State Football Players Paid Waitress In Doo Doo-Covered Money

We might have hit home a little too hard when we published a “photo essay” of Ball State’s homecoming party last weekend when we titled it “Ball State Homecoming Was The Shit,” because we’re just now getting word that three players on BSU’s football team attempted to tip a waitress at a restaurant with fecal-covered money.

The suspect, a 17 year old, left their table, which was also occupied by the three Ball State football players, and went into the bathroom after their waitress gave him his bill, according to the police report. After returning to the table he put the money into the black folder, according to police who sourced a security video of the event.

The group’s waitress told police she saw the suspect laughing when she picked up the check and smelled a “foul odor.” She said two of the bills were covered in a brown substance that she later realized was fecal matter. [source]

Ummmmm. Yeah, dude, that’s disgusting. Not funny. Disgusting.
We can totally understand being upset that you lost your game to Western Michigan at your own homecoming, or that you’re drunk enough to talk to someone about wiping with a $2–but actually doing it is completely different? Have you ever smelled human feces when it’s not in the water? It smells like shit. That alone should have been a sobering wake-up call to be like, “Oh, maybe I should just flush this.”
Not so cool, bro.
Chirp chirp.

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