New York Comic Con 2014: 100 Hottest Cosplay Girls Of NYCC

New York Comic Con 2014 cosplay

We know that it’ll never be as big as the San Diego Comic Con, but we’re still taking lots of local pride in the New York Comic Con–partly because the convention made a big splash with breaking news on the geeky epic Tomorrowland, and also because New York keeps bringing out the best in sexy cosplay gals. In fact, we couldn’t even get close to cutting down our favorite gals to a mere hundred hotties. You’ll be seeing way over 100 costumed cuties here covering pretty much every kind of cosplay.

A few pics actually made the cut based on a WTF factor, but even those crazed cosplayers still have a hot look. Highlights include two takes on the very sexy Vera Baby, who rocked the convention with her take on a sexy Mary Jane Watson. You’ll also find plenty of Harley Quinns and Poison Ivys, but we maintain that the New York Comic Con has an exceptional selection. In fact, one of them here is actually legendary Cosplay Queen Jessica Nigri.

We also made sure to get a pic of that built older gal who always shows up at conventions as Power Girl, along with a younger version of a built babe doing some Power Girl cosplay. At this point, we look at a younger gal doing Power Girl and figure she’s paying tribute to the older cosplay queen. Anyway, you’ll be enjoying a real star-spangled spectacle, and we also recommend checking out some San Diego favorites–and maybe the ladies of a smaller New York Comic Con from earlier this year that was still packed with powerfully sexy gals. So get feeling super right now…

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