SNL Highlight: Bill Hader’s Stefon Returns To Weekend Update [VIDEO]

Bill Hader Stefon Return SNL

Former cast member Bill Hader returned to host Saturday Night Live tonight, and that naturally required the return of SNL’s favorite gay stereotype to the “Weekend Update” segment. It seems that nothing had particularly changed for the giggly Stefon since last year, either. That mainly means that Hader still doesn’t know what’s going to show up on the teleprompter before he reads the screen, so Hader is often cracking himself up all during the segment.

We’ll guess that Hader┬árelied on his usual writer over the past few seasons. Judging from this new season, a recent writer wouldn’t have gotten a single giggle out of Stefon. Anyway, people love it as Hader tries to keep a straight face–and since SNL is making a big deal out of being in its 40th season, we’ll just note that the legendary SNL writer Michael O’Donoghue used to claim that the show was a response to crappy showbiz antics like how the stars of The Carol Burnett Show would constantly entertain the audience by cracking up during sketches. Fortunately, O’Donoghue passed away in 1994, so he didn’t live to see Jimmy Fallon change all that for SNL….

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