Horror U: College Radio Gets Scary in “Boogeyman 3” [VIDEO]

Boogeyman 3

COED is counting down to Halloween with “Horror U,” a Halloween-ready celebration of 31 killer fright flicks set on (or around) college campuses. Your professor scare-meritus for today’s entry is Mike “McBeardo” McPadden–author of Heavy Metal Movies: Guitar Barbarians, Mutant Bimbos, & Cult Zombies Amok in the 666 Most Ear- and Eye-Ripping Big Scream Films Ever! (Bazillion Points, 2014).

Erin Cahill is best known for potently filling out her pink costume on Power Rangers: Time Force in the early 2000s. Nikki Sanderson is a British soap opera sexbomb and glamour model. Together, these two babes co-star as college students up against a supernatural slayer in Boogeyman 3, thereby supplying ample reason to watch the film even after one asks the inevitable question, “Was there actually a Boogeyman 1 and 2?”

In fact, 2005’s Boogeyman was a legitimate, if instantly forgettable, big-screen hit. Boogeyman 2 is a 2007 direct-to-video sequel-in-name-only, while Boogeyman 3— which is, weirdly, a direct follow-up to the second film—did manage to turn a profit from a small theatrical release. All those facts are essentially more fascinating than anything going on in the Boogeyman movies themselves.

To its credit, though, Boogeyman 3 does boast the aforementioned leading ladies of knockout note, and it’s set in perhaps the least expected milieu ever for a horror movie: college radio.

Nikki opens the action properly by baring all points of her unclothed loveliness in a bath. She’s the freshman daughter of esteemed psychiatrist and anti-Boogeyman combatant Dr. Mitchell Allen (Tobin Bell aka Jigsaw from the Saw movies). In short order, the Boogeyman messes up our view of naked Nikki, prompting her to hysterically call the campus radio station’s on-air advice show to warn the student body about the malevolent being that’s loose among them.

Ex-Pink Ranger Erin plays Sarah, the DJ who takes the call. She buys into the Boogeyman story, but she can’t convince anybody else at school—especially after she begins having psychic visions of their gory demises. Listenership in Sarah’s radio show booms, however, as students tune in to catch the latest “Beware of the Boogeyman” updates. Wouldn’t you?

Slowly, Sarah’s friends come around to thinking there may be more to her story than just crazy babble blasting out of sorority house radio speakers. In fact, the only ones who don’t believe in the Boogeyman get slaughtered by him in various dormitory bloodbaths.

Boogeyman 3 wraps up with multiple twist endings and a coda in which two more hot, just-arrived-on-campus female students move in to Sarah’s old room, lending a pertinent horror element to the longstanding nickname for attractive freshmen: “fresh meat.”

To date, no plans have been announced for a Boogeyman 4, but might we suggest they go really deep into college life next time and have the spectral baddie spook the bursar’s office or a “Take Back the Night” rally? Ponder that as you catch up on some college radio, Boogeyman style…

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