Woman Who Won the Week: New Bond Babe Lea Seydoux [22 PICS]

French dish Lea Seydoux made lesbian sex scene history last year in the exquisitely explicit arthouse hit Blue Is the Warmest Color. Now she’s been cast as the latest femme fatale to take on James Bond in the super spy’s next big-screen adventure. That’s quite a way to capture the title Woman Who Won the Week, and Lea has repeatedly proven she’s just the powerhouse siren to perfectly pull it off. [photo via…]

According to reports on Friday, Lea is joyfully joining the roster of the as-yet-untitled Bond 24, with Daniel Craig returning as Her Majesty’s most lethally suave secret agent. The new film starts shooting in late November, with Lea being added to the line-up of 21st century Bond babes that includes Eva Green and Olga Kurylenko. That’s some sweet company.

At 29, the lusciously coquettish Lea has repeatedly impressed in the presence of formidable on screen partners in her impressively eclectic career. Among those co-stars Lea against whom ably has held her own (and sometimes more) are Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Vincent Cassel in Beauty and the Beast, the entire ensemble of The Grand Budapest Hotel, and, most spectacularly, her fellow all-natural knockout and Paris native Adele Exarchopoulos in the aforementioned Blue Is the Warmest Color. That’s the one where Lea joins Adele Exarchopoulos in a sex scene that goes on for twelve glorious minutes. That’s some serious competition for 007.

Hailing from a prominent French family, Lea has always been drawn to acting on her own terms. She turned down the lead in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo when she thought it might require her to starve off her sumptuously feminine curves. Lea has also picked up numerous awards for her film work, and she’s been featured as a model in high fashion ad campaigns worldwide.

Add to that pile of achievements her current status as COED’s Woman Who Won the Week, and it’s clear that Lea Seydoux is more than ready for anything James Bond could possibly launch in her direction…

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