For Sorority Girls, Halloween is All About Sexy [122 PHOTOS]

Do you know why nobody ever dresses up like a slutty sorority girl for Halloween? We don’t know, either. It’d be really cool if some Women’s Studies majors did that around campus. At least the female Women’s Studies majors. Anyway, the important thing here is that sorority girls love to get slutty for Halloween–and that’s the best reason we have for checking out the sexy sorority girls of Halloween.
Not that we have anything against spooky Halloween outfits. Those just seem to be more popular with the Women’s Studies types. Check out these awesome sorority girls of October, though, and you’ll get plenty of Bad Girl types–ranging from bad Playboy bunnies to bad kitty-cats to bad princesses to bad policewomen. These are all from times when “bad” means “really great.”
We’re not sure what you call sorority gals who put together skimpy outfits made out of lottery tickets, but we’ll sure call them as soon as we think of a decent pickup line that involves “scratching” and “winning.” And we’re all winners here, because you’re about to see over a hundred sorority girls who get fully committed to their sexy sides, too. You won’t be looking at pics of gals who’ve bared their bods in the Halloween spirit and then become wallflowers. These collegiate cuties are all flowering while getting ready for the best night of the year–now that we’re grown up and know that Santa will never bring us these kinds of Halloween hotties for Christmas…

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