Laure Manaudou's Olympian Bod Swims To The 28-Year Mark [PICS]

Where would the country of France be without Laure Manaudou? Well, it would sure be without a gold medal when it comes to the Olympics and swimming. Laure Manaudou, in fact, won the gold medal in the women’s 400 meter freestyle at the 2004 Athens Olympics. That was a big deal. France had never won a gold medal in women’s swimming before. Even better, Laure was the first Olympics gold medalist since some guy won a track event back in 1952. [photo via…]
We bet Laure Manaudou looked a lot better winning the gold, too. She couldn’t match that success at the 2008 Olympics, but the folks of France were willing to forgive that. She’s still one of the country’s most beloved athletes–helped by the fact that she has a brother who was also an Olympian gold medalist before joining the French Army. The whole family is some kind of national treasure.
Laure retired from swimming in 2009. She’s turning 28 years old today as an entrepreneur who does some design work. She also had a second round of fame via a sex scandal when nude pics were leaked of her. Yeah, that kind of thing happened before #TheFappening–and the French were kind of pissed at having a national hero disgraced like that, so everyone kind of stood behind her.
Especially since those pics showed off a built bod. Laure hasn’t been too shy about showing off herself in more mainstream work, too. Take a look at these Olympian pics and get your own day started off swimmingly–and then check out homegrown Olympian swimmer Stephanie Rice, and maybe the sexy Australian synchronized swim team

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