Watch This Really Angry Raccoon Get Saved By Two Guys, Anyway [VIDEO]

Really Angry Raccoon Drain Cover

Look at this stupid raccoon. It went and put its stupid head into a drain cover hole, and then it got stuck because raccoons have no business sticking their heads into drain cover holes. Probably thought it had some kind of important raccoon business that it could take care of down there. And then these two guys say, “Hey, look at that stupid raccoon with its head stuck in a drain cover hole. Let’s help it.”

And they do, but is this stupid raccoon grateful? No. It’s all pissed off, like, “Hey, leave me alone! I liked having my head stuck in a drain cover hole! I did it on purpose!” Which it did not. Stupid raccoon. They’re not all flying around in spaceships and guarding the galaxy, you know. Anyway, check out this raccoon with the kind of really crappy attitude that probably means it’ll be working at COED soon. Probably be our boss. Stupid raccoon…


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