The 55 Most Offensive Halloween Costumes & Outfits


Halloween makes for a great holiday for college students and grown-ups. It’s also a really exciting opportunity to make bad decisions about costumes that’ll kill your career and your social life. It wouldn’t really be Halloween without some white guy putting on blackface to celebrate a racial stereotype, or maybe some wiseguy (and wisegal) pairing up because they have a really relevant costume based on making light of domestic violence.

Then, of course, you have to be sure to post the pictures of your offensive outfits all over Facebook and Instagram. Otherwise, you might miss out on some media exposure when a bored journalist decides to create a quick brouhaha over all of your innocent fun. (Although it was a little less innocent when an Official Naked Girl joined the Wildest Halloween Costumes of ASU.)
Anyway, we’re way past the point where Halloween was only dangerous because of some urban legends about razor blades in apples. Now people can slit their own wrists (figuratively)–and there’s no end of goofballs grabbing really offensive and inappropriate Halloween costumes. Check out some really bad decisions. Or, if you’re kind of crazy, get some exciting ideas for this coming Halloween. Just don’t act like you know us later on…

Study Abroad Exposed: Shanghai, China
Study Abroad Exposed: Shanghai, China
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