Huffington Post Staffers Model Some Manly Fashions [PICS]


It seems that the executives here at COED haven’t given enough thought to staffing the site with male models–given the way that the Huffington Post is able to just send out some staffers to show off how good they look in manly work clothes. The site already had a good idea by making the case for spending money on some serious work boots, instead of replacing lesser versions halfway through winter. [photos: Damon Dahlen/Huffington Post]

Then the HuffPo editors reached out to their own work force to put together a selection of male models–and they look pretty great while showing off the wares of the Brooklyn Boot Company. It looks like the Huffington Post also has the kind of staffers who can work a lot of different looks–like Senior Social Media Editor Ethan Fedida (above), which helps to show off the range of the Brooklyn Boot Company.

Check out the HuffPo article and get an idea of what a stylish website staff can look like–and we don’t even think that anybody there invested in a stylist or anything. These guys are just being stylin’…

COED Writer
COED Writer
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