Does Your School Have One of the Most Impressive Law School Buildings?

Colleges and universities have more money to throw around that most business and institutions when it comes to building their campuses. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that some of them have the most beautiful and uniquely designed buildings in the world. Law schools seem to have the most money to throw around because, well, if you’ve ever gotten a bill from a lawyer lately, you’ll know why. Take a look at some of the most impressive law school buildings in this special compilation.
Best Choice Schools took a look at some of the most breathtaking and unique law school building designs and compiled them together in a¬†special list. Some of the buildings were created by some of the greatest architects of our time such as Frank Gehry and his work on the Loyola Law building for UCLA‘s campus in Los Angeles.
Durham Law School in Durham, England topped the list with their very unique design that features arched awnings and massive classroom windows that jut out of the building and seem to defy gravity. The other schools that rounded out the top five included the University of Northumbria at Newcastle’s School of Law that featured massive, wire spiral designs surrounding its buildings, the Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego, the Southwestern law School in Los Angeles and the University of Leeds’ School of Law.
Of course, these buildings lose a bit of their beauty and majesty when you realize they are training grounds for future lawyers. Here’s the full countdown, though, and click on through if you need more details (and pics)…

50. University of Wisconsin Law School: Madison, Wisconsin, USA
49. CUNY School of Law: Long Island City, New York, USA
48. Yale Law School, Sterling Law Building: New Haven, Connecticut, USA
47. University of Sydney Faculty of Law: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
46. University of Pittsburgh School of Law, Barco Law Building: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
45. Stanford Law School William H. Neukom Building: Stanford, California, USA
44. Fordham University School of Law: New York, New York, USA
43. University of Baltimore School of Law, John and Frances Angelos Law Center: Baltimore, Maryland, USA
42. University of Connecticut School of Law: Hartford, Connecticut, USA
41. Duke University School of Law, Star Commons: Durham, North Carolina, USA
40. UC Berkeley School of Law, South Addition: Berkeley, California, USA
39. Hengeler Mueller Library of Bucerius Law School: Hamburg, Germany
38. Marquette University Law School, Eckstein Hall: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
37. Loyola Law School: Los Angeles, California, USA
36. Columbia Law School, Jerome L. Greene Hall: New York, New York, USA
35. Thomas M. Cooley Law School: Auburn Hills, Michigan, USA
34. University of Washington School of Law, William H. Gates Hall: Seattle, Washington, USA
33. Edge Hill University, Department of Law and Criminology: Ormskirk, West Lancashire, UK
32. Florida State University College of Law Advocacy Center: Tallahassee, Florida, USA
31. University of Virginia School of Law: Charlottesville, Virginia, USA
30. Harvard Law School, Wasserstein Hall: Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
29. Northwestern University School of Law, Levy Mayer Hall/Cloister Gardens: Evanston, Illinois, USA
28. University of Texas School of Law, Connally Center for the Administration of Justice: Austin, Texas, USA
27. New York Law School: New York, New York, USA
26. Cleveland-Marshall College of Law of Cleveland State University: Cleveland, Ohio, USA
25. Syracuse University College of Law: Syracuse, New York, USA
24. University of Memphis Cecil C. Humphries School of Law: Memphis, Tennessee, USA
23. Penn State University, Dickinson School of Law, Lewis Katz Building: University Park, Pennsylvania, USA
22. Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law, Lawrence W. Inlow Hall: Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
21. Mississippi College School of Law: Jackson, Mississippi, USA
20. UCLA School of Law, Hugh and Hazel Darling Law Library: Los Angeles, California, USA
19. Boston University School of Law, Sumner M. Redstone Building: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
18. George Washington University Law School: Washington D.C., USA
17. Singapore Management University School of Law, Li Ka Shing Library: Singapore
16. University of Michigan Law School, South Hall: Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
15. New York University School of Law, Furman Hall: New York, New York, USA
14. Faculty of Law, University of Oxford, St. Cross Building: Oxford, UK
13. University College of London Faculty of Laws, Bentham House: London, UK
12. University of Toronto Faculty of Law, Flavelle House: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
11. Monash University Law Chambers: Clayton, Victoria, Australia
10. University of Iowa College of Law, Boyd Law Building: Iowa City, Iowa, USA
9. University of Colorado Law School, Wolf Law Building: Boulder, Colorado, USA
8. The School of Law, University of Hertfordshire, Law Court Building: Hatfield, Hertfordshire, UK
7. William and Mary Law School, Henry C. Wolf Law Library: Williamsburg, Virginia, USA
6. Sandra Day OíConnor College of Law, Arizona State University: Tempe, Arizona, USA
5. School of Law, University of Leeds, The Liberty Building: Leeds, UK
4. Southwestern Law School, Bullocks Wilshire: Los Angeles, California, USA
3. Thomas Jefferson School of Law: San Diego, California, USA
2. The School of Law, University of Northumbria at Newcastle, City Campus East: Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
1. Durham Law School: Durham, UK


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