15 Painful Struggles of the Injured Student-Athlete

15 Painful Struggles of the Injured Student-Athlete4

An athlete is supposed to be agile, quick and talented at his or her specific sport. But what happens when you’re injured? These are the 15 painful struggles of an injured student-athlete.

1. You will not see a minute of the field this season, but you still have to attend practice, lift and conditioning everyday.


2. You are still on the same carbo-load diet, yet you no longer burn carbs: This may be beneficial to keep in mind when dialing the Domino’s phone number at 2 am.

3. Now that you are injured, you spend more time at the athletic center- Practice AND rehab: how ironic ?!

4. You develop a horrible habit of eating ice because you constantly have it near your side.


5. You become infamous on your campus Yik Yak for being “pillow pet crutch girl”, “wheelchair guy” or all of the above.

6. You have a new accessory to add to your outfit everyday, but a boot, brace or a sleeve doesn’t compliment what you normally wear.

7. You are drenched in sweat by the time you get to class because it took so much effort to get there.


8. You still have to follow team drinking rules.

9. You can still get NCAA drug tested at any point.

10. It was hard enough staying awake in class before taking enough PKs to put down a horse.


11. Your beer pong game has become much too competitive since you can no longer beat people on the field or court.

12. You no longer have the balance to dance on top of stages, tables or kegs.

13. One of the five extra jackets that you must bring to wear on the sideline was definitely found in a bush outside a frat house.


14. You have told the same story of how your injury happened one too many times.

15. You quickly became your trainer’s therapist. No, I do not want to hear about your boyfriend’s other girlfriend.

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