Top 20 Sexiest Instagram Photos of the Day: Friday, October 3

It’s another fascinating Friday on the COED Instagram feed–and we’d like to thank Galina Dubenenko for popping up to prove that there are plenty of tropical climes to keep bikini season going into October. Just look at those round and luscious…well, that gag would work better if those were melons. Instead, we have Galina rocking two pineapples, and that ain’t bad.

Also not bad: a pretty amazing influx of bikini babes who don’t seem to know that October started this week. Check out lucky gals like Kate Compton, Amanda Cerny, and Rachel Barnes–while Allison Höller shows off an awesome one-piece, and Danielle Ruiz and Jordyn turn their own bikinis into one-pieces by doffing their tops.

Lena Martinson does the same for her lingerie, while the perfect pair of Kylie Rae & Sydney Maler nearly show off their perfect pairs as their bras come undone. And there are plenty more intimate Instagram moments to get you flyin’ into Friday. We’ll do the same as soon as we brush up on our pineapple double entendres. They could use some work…

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