Photos Surface of Texas Tech Sorority’s “Border Patrol” Party

border patrol fraternity

When it comes to fraternity and sorority parties, there usually isn’t a lot of thinking that goes into them because so much drinking is involved. That’s probably what caused one Texas Tech fraternity to think that throwing a “Border Patrol” theme party and letting people take pictures of it was a good idea.

The photos first surfaced at Gawker from an anonymous Texas Tech student. They feature members of the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority dressed as either sexy border patrol agents or stereotypical Mexicans in various poses such as the agents arresting the Mexicans as they hold a set of maracas behind their back while wearing comically large sombreros. The creepiest part besides the potential for offensiveness are the painted mustaches the sexy border patrols agents are wearing underneath their Aviator sunglasses. Check out one of the photos below…

border patrol fraternity full

This news just made its way to the web so we haven’t gotten any word from Texas Tech yet on what action they plan to take against the sorority. Considering how other schools have handled similar instances, they are at least looking at a suspension of some kind and an investigation that’s bound to reveal all sorts of even more sordid details. Arizona State University’s Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity was dumb enough to throw their own racist party on Martin Luther King Jr. Day that earned them a hefty suspension.

Why would anyone throw such a party these days when everyone has a video camera and a link to the Internet literally sitting in their pocket? Colleges need to start offering classes in Common Sense 101.

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