Kandace Springs on “The Late Show” [SEE HER TONIGHT]

Kandace Springs on The Late Show

(11:30 PM EST, CBS)

We’re happy to join in on the hype here at See Her Tonight, as we get flyin’ over tonight’s Friday night debut for Kandace Springs on The Late Show. Her debut EP just came out this week on the Blue Note label, and David Letterman is probably feeling very lucky to be hosting her as the media explosion begins. That, or David Letterman is going to be feeling like a dirty old man. [photo via…]

Kandace Springs isn’t exactly without kontroversy, though. She’s already being regarded as a fraud who’s working an old-school sound that’s way too predictable. We’re thinking that she’s working an old-school sound that’s defiantly romantic. Kandace may take a while before she hits the lyrical depth of a Marvin Gaye, but she’s sure working some deep grooves that are undeniable. She also already has the official endorsement of Prince, and he still has the clout to ward off some naysayers.

Of course, The Late Show has also given us some fascinating Fridays courtesy of talents like Paloma Faith and Janelle Monáe. That’s another fine tradition that Kandace Springs can be part of–and these pics will get you tuning in, but you still might get won over by Kandace’s fine take on musical tradition, too…

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