Derek Jeter Marrying Hannah Davis This Weekend?!? [PHOTOS]


Derek Jeter walked away from the game he loved the most this week in an event that was covered by pretty much everyone on the planet. But now rumors are swirling that he’s walking away from his second favorite game–namely, women–this weekend when he gets married to Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Hannah Davis. [lead image via SportsGrid]

TMZ Sports reported earlier this morning that Jeets will be “front and center at a MASSIVE secret party” in a castle in Long Island. It’s the same castle that was used in Citizen Kane.

As we said, nothing is concrete and this could just be a massive farewell party but we wouldn’t necessarily blame him for marrying Hannah Davis. She’s a gorgeous swimsuit model and he’s just a billionaire blogger. And if that’s not deserving of a “Yeahhh Jeets,” we don’t know what is.

Check out more details about Jeter’s possible wedding here.

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