Cheer This Naked Streaker Who Starts Brawl And Escapes Unharmed [VIDEO]


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You know why people get into selling drugs, even though they know they’ll probably get caught? Because for every hundred guys who’ve been arrested, two or three of them have made a lot of money and “got out the hood.”

This streaker right here, this guy is the “one in a million’ guy who made it. He’s the streaker that other streakers will now worship and emulate.

Let me set the scene. Newcastle University vs Northumbria rugby game (England, fyi). Our streaker runs on the field and tackles one of the players. His teammates come and start kicking and beating streaker up. Other team comes over to inexplicably defend streaker (I guess in rugby you’re always looking for a reason to punch something). Brawl starts. Streaker escapes pretty much unharmed.

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