Jessie J Gets Bang Bangin’ For Cosmopolitan UK [16 PICS]

It’s been a great year for Jessie J–who used to be a minor league UK pop star, and who’s shown off some amazing longevity by busting out big with Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj with “Bang Bang.” And now we’re happy to see Jessie J gracing the cover of the UK edition of Cosmopolitan–which has a great interview, and celebrates the liberated pop princess with some stylish pics. [photos via…]

That makes a real double-header of doubles for Cosmo this month, too. There’s the stunning Emily Ratajkowski on the American edition, and Cosmo UK showing off a cover like this…


We also learn that Jessie J can teach Cosmopolitan a few things about body confidence. Check out the pic below, and ponder what Jessie tells Cosmo UK about her photo shoot:

I’ve been through all these looks and hairstyles and I feel like now I know myself. My boobs are small, my legs are long, I’m skinny, I’ve got man hands… and I say, ‘Fix up. No one gives a sh!t!'”

Well, we certainly care a lot about Jessie’s looks over the years–and it’s great to see Jessie J still shaking things up after a (relatively) long time in the pop biz. And she may be telling Cosmo UK that she knows that she’s made some mistakes, but we’re pretty pleased with a lot of decisions that she’s made over the years. Check out these early pics and see why we’re longtime fans…

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