30 Fave Pics As Ashlee Simpson Turns (Damn!) 30 [PHOTOS]

Hey, remember when Ashlee Simpson was supposed to be the punk-rock younger sister of pop diva Jessica Simpson, and then that image got totally shot once Ashlee actually released some music? Yeah, they dolled up Ashlee in dark clothes and smeared her mascara, but it soon became apparent that Ashlee Simpson was just more corporate crap–except she was pretty adorable corporate crap, with an offbeat beauty that ranked her up there with Ashley Tisdale for aspiring males who liked ladies with some personality. [photo: Matthew Simmons/Getty]

Ashlee never really recovered from a disastrous Saturday Night Live appearance where she spazzed out after it was accidentally revealed that she was singing to backing tapes. A real punk-rock princess would’ve kicked over the mic stand and began proving that she was totally for realz. Jessica just did an embarrassed little dance and walked off the stage.

But the good news is that Ashlee has worked a lot of different looks while being some hot corporate product, and she still has some quirky hotness even after (apparently) going through plastic surgery to look more generic. She hasn’t managed a surprising sexy comeback like Jessica’s, but we’re still curious to see if she’ll ever try to break out big again. For now, let’s look back on a birthday that spared Ashlee from joining thrilling Throwback Thursday girls by one day–and enjoy some pics of when a lot of young males looked at Ashlee and sighed, “One day…”

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