Yes, This Adorably-Tragic, 70s Halloween ‘When You See It’ Moment Happened [PHOTOS]

Halloween Swingset

Yes, there was once a terrifying picture taken during Halloween way back in the ’70s. We’re sure that kid is perfectly fine now, though. In fact, she’s probably neglecting her own children now. At least, we think that’s a “she.” It might be a guy whose mother dolled him up as a girl for Halloween. Remember how mom used to always do that? Except it wasn’t only on Halloween, and we’re still in therapy over it.

And how many more nightmares like this will occur as we head into another Halloween? We cannot say–but we hope a lot, because that’ll make life easier for whoever’s putting together the “Yes this Happened” column in 2027. And to really appreciate the horror, check out the full pic….

70s Halloween

Yeah, that’s scary–but don’t get too worried, because there are lots of laughs and more enjoyable strangeness in the rest of today’s finest in WTF pics…

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