Sideboob Pioneer Brigitte Bardot Marks A Mammoth Birthday [34 PHOTOS]

We know that the guys and gals of every generation thinks that they invented sex in the media–but the birthday of Brigitte Bardot makes a really good case for the Children of the ’50s making a really strong contribution. We’re a little embarrassed that we’re celebrating a movie star who’s turning 80(!) years old today, but there’s a reason why Brigitte Bardot is still an amazingly big deal to connoisseurs of hot ladies from across the decades.  [photo via…]
Brigitte Bardot really helped to launch a sexual revolution from her homeland of France at the start of the ’50s. Ladies like Marilyn Monroe were proving that a girl could be respectable while flaunting some cleavage, but Brigitte Bardot made them fashionable with her appearances on the covers of fashion magazines. She was underage when appearing on her first Elle cover in 1950, but that didn’t keep filmmaker Roger Vadim from jumping on her as a rising starlet. He’d end up being Bardot’s first husband while overseeing her rise as a sex symbol. (Vadim would go on to the Men’s Hall of Fame by later romancing Jane Fonda and Catherine Deneuve while doing the same for their careers.)
Vadim married Bardot when she was 18, and had his hot wife starring in lots of light fare on the movie screen. He eventually decided it was time for Brigitte to shake up the world, and he created the leading role for her in  And God Created Woman–which was easily the most scandalous film of 1956. Brigitte’s character loved sex with no apologies, and the role made her an international sensation. Brigitte wasn’t too pleased with fame, though. She divorced Vadim shortly after the release of And God…, and kind of kept a low profile after continuing a hot career as a sex kitten through the ’60s.
She posed for Playboy in 1974 to celebrate turning 40, but Brigitte has spent the second half of her life turning…well, a little weird. The controversial star has taken to using her fame for pushing some strange ideas. She was convicted of racism in 2008, which COED covered here while adding some hot pics. Now there are even more below, and you can also find Brigitte’s legacy influencing shoots for babes like AnnaLynne McCord. And here are even more hot pics below to remind us why a lot of guys know enough about Brigitte Bardot to care about her 80th birthday–while looking to the past…

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