Ana Flavia Gavlak on "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" [SEE HER TONIGHT]

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Ana Flavia Gavlak on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

(9:00 PM EST, CBS)

Tonight’s episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is called “The CSI Effect,” and we’re hoping that refers to the effect that CSI has on the See Her Tonight column. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation has offered up an amazing array of hotties over the years–and we’re very excited to see Ana Flavia Gavlak showing up on tonight’s episode, even though we’re thinking that we won’t see her character again.  [photo via…]
Not that we haven’t seen plenty of gals recurring on CSI. Brooke Nevin makes it back to the show on tonight’s episode, joining the list of CSI babes like Elisabeth Harnois, Anne McDaniels, Cassandra Starr, Catrinel Marlon, Liz FullerSusie AbromeitLuciana FaulhaberSandra Vergara, Mindy Robinson, and Heather Ann Davis. (Some of those gals are also why we’re excited over the upcoming Stretch.)
Anyway, Ana Flavia Gavlak is a beautiful Brazilian who’s been working steadily since coming to the States, and she’s also shaken up L.A. with some great work on the stage. She’s no generic beauty–but Ana is kind of serving that role on CSI in a thankless role that’s the kind of thing that starlets do while surprising people with a lot of untapped talent. Now check out these pics and see why you’ll be seeing a lot more of Ana Flavia Gavlak in the future….

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