The Lions’ Matthew Stafford Was Almost Crashed By a Collapsed Bridge

matthew stafford

The Detroit Lions haven’t had the best of luck these past few seasons. However, one member of the team is thanking their lucky stars after they narrowly avoided a dangerous accident that could have damaged a lot more than their throwing arm this season.

Detroit Lions Quarterback Matthew Stafford was one of many people in Detroit stranded on a highway for several hours due to a bridge collapse. According to local reports, a waste hauler struck the support of a pedestrian overpass causing it to collapse on top of him and across the entire highway. No pedestrians were walking on the overpass but it did strike the driver and sadly, he died at the hospital.

Stafford was one of the many people driving down the highway on his way to practice when he saw the garbage truck strike the bridge and caused the entire thing to rain down twisted metal and concrete across the highway. Thankfully, he wasn’t hurt and had time to stop. A local TV news station caught a glimpse of the quarterback stretching his legs and¬†walking around the highway along with the other stranded drivers. He was able to make his way to practice¬†and they are going to need it if they hope to keep their season hopes alive.

This tragic event may sound like a bit of bad luck but there’s actually a bright side to it besides the fact that Stafford was injured as a result of it. This is the first time in awhile that an NFL player has been involved with an accident and they weren’t the cause of it.


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