RIP To Brown University’s “SexPowerGod”–The Best Name For A Party Ever


sex power god

Brown University may be one of the nation’s most prestigious institution of higher learning but it’s also been home to one of the wildest sex parties in the country. If you attend Brown and were looking forward to joining the barely clothed ranks of this noted night of debauchery, you’re going to have to wait for another year because it’s been cancelled.

Brown University’s Queer Alliance announced that they are canceling this year’s Sex Power God party. Organizers of the annual event say that it’s become such a point of contention over the past 10 years that it has strayed from its original intentions of becomingĀ a place of “safe sexual expression.” The head of the organization said the students also decided to cancel the event “for the safety of students” and because it was “no longer serving as an affirming space for queer students.”

The party has been held on Brown University’s campus every year for the past 28 years. It started as a simple student dance but its liberationist theme slowly turned it into a massive explosion of sexual expression and a “celebration of the diversity of sexualities and bodies at Brown,” according to the Queer Alliance’s Coordinating Committee. Some of the more recent parties started to raise concerns. In 2007, a number of students attending the party had to go to the hospital. A Fox News reporter also attended one of the parties and shined a national spotlight on the annual event…

It’s a shame that the party had gotten so out of control that they had to cancel it but we’re sure there’s another school that would be willing to take up the torch this year.

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