Rachel McAdams Will Join the Next Season of “True Detective” [PICS]

rachel mcadams

The cast for the new season of True Detective is filling out rather nicely in more ways than one. News broke earlier today that actress Rachel McAdams is joining the show.

McAdams was one of many famous names on a list of actresses to take the lead female role for Season 2. She actually beat out quite an impressive list of names who wanted the part such as Rosario Dawson, Jessica Biel, and Malin Akerman. So far, there’s only one part left to fill and the smart money is on Taylor Kitsch to win that role. Colin Firth and Vince Vaughn have also signed on to play a troubled police detective and a crime boss respectively for the second season of True Detective on HBO.

McAdams is an interesting choice, with a wide variety of movies and shows on resume from super serious movies like The Notebook and The Time Traveler’s Wife to comedies such as Wedding Crashers and Mean Girls. There’s no doubt that she’ll be able to take on whatever super heavy role the show gives her for the second season.

And even though we’re sure she’ll do a fine job and we knew that the entire cast would be replaced for the next season, we’re going to miss Michelle Monaghan who did a fine job during Season 1 of acting and looking fine as evidenced by the pics we gathered of her earlier today for her “See Her Tonight” appearance on Project Runway–but we have some fine pics of Rachel, too….

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