Groundslavia’s New Music Video is a Game That You Can Play [VIDEO]


Back in the day, the world had so many music videos that it didn’t know what to do with them all. Now that MTV decided to drop the “music” from their name (and their entire reason for existing in the first place), they’ve become a bit more scarce. One group not only decided to do a music video for the modern age but they made it a fully interactive video game.

The electronica musician Groundislava released a new single for the song Girl Behind the Glass for his new album Frozen Throne along with a video that operates more like a video game than a video where you just sit and watch something while the song is being played. You simply download the interactive version from Groundislava’s website for either Mac or the PC (sorry Linux users) and immerse yourself in this new way to experience a music video.

Of course, you’re not shooting up hell beasts or trying to retrieve keys to get through some haunted space base on the surface of Mars. You walk around an interactive world and open up parts of the story’s central songs and themes by running around the virtual environment and interacting with certain objects. If you don’t feel like waiting for a download or playing a game, you can also watch the full, unlocked experience below in the embedded video. We highly recommend playing the interactive version first because it’s just so enthralling but I suppose we can cater to the less open minded by just posting the video…

This is an amazing way to present a music video and we hope others will follow in Groundislava’s footsteps. Hell, we’re just impressed that there’s still such a thing as a music video.

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