Emma Rigby Turns 25 — Let’s Get Her Back To The States [46 PHOTOS]

Emma Rigby

The saddest thing about the new fall television season is that we’re not getting another season of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland–even though we could never really tell if that was a spin-off from Once Upon a Time or a whole other show, but we didn’t care because it had Emma Rigby as the Red Queen. Nobody busted out bigger in our living rooms than this built British blonde, who’s turning 25 years old today without a job in America. That is a great failing in our nation. [photo via…]

Emma’s managed to stay busy since the government refused to step in to stop the cancelation of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. She returned to her native England and made a big splash in a caper movie called Plastic, but Emma Rigby is still right to ponder why she didn’t get the attention of an Eva Green. And, yes, Emma’s only turning 25 years old today, and Eva Green didn’t even get her first big break in America until she was 32 years old, but we were supposed to learn something from that.

So let’s keep hoping that Emma hasn’t turned her back on America, and that she’ll soon return to grace our multiplexes like she did for First Love, which was a lousy movie, but gave us some bikini pics to add to our ever-expanding Emma Rigby gallery…

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