Dos Equis Party NYC — & Your Chance To Attend Their Most Interesting Masquerade

Dos Equis Masquerade Party

It’s that time of year when Dos Equis celebrates the real-life birthday of the Most Interesting Man in the World. This also means that COED attended one of the Most Interesting Birthday Parties in New York City, as hosted by the Norwood with plenty of masked fairies and pixies and a vibe straight out of Eyes Wide Shut.

We weren’t left as confused as Tom Cruise at the end of that party, though. We know that Dos Equis was hosting a massive masquerade party to also launch their latest contest for Dos Equis fans to join the Most Interesting Man in the World (and legendary artist Q-Tip) for a party in New Orleans on November 22, 2014.

Through October 31st, fans can enter the contest by posting Masquerade and Halloween photos to Instagram using #XXMasquerade–or by uploading them to the XXMasquerade site. Fans can also enter by purchasing Dos Equis and texting/emailing a photo of their receipt to

This contest is becoming a pretty great Halloween tradition, but Dos Equis is also keeping things modern by gracing a few select bars in America with a virtual reality Dos Equis Masquerade experience that doubles as a kind of high-tech Choose Your Own Adventure ride. You’ll still want to try to win a chance to attend that party, though. Keep up via the Dos Equis Facebook page, and check out the pics below to see how the beer brand can really put on a show…

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