Colorado Governor Candidate Mike Dunafon Has His Own Rap Song [VIDEO]

mike dunafon

Politicians will do just about anything to get elected. They’ll kiss babies despite their notorious fear of contracting icky germs while mingling amongst the people. They’ll stick to bold faced lies that these days can be proven simply by going on YouTube or rewinding the tape or your TiVo. Colorado gubernatorial candidate Mike Dunafon wants the job so bad that he’s willing to rap on camera.

The independent candidate for governor teamed up with musician Wyclef Jean to pound out a new hip campaign song called The Trap in which he raps about all the ways that the government has us (you guessed it!) trapped such as mounting debt, women’s reproductive rights and our never ending prohibition on marijuana. Something tells us he smoked quite a bit of the stuff when he was producing this song because he clearly thought it was a good idea. You can watch Dunafon’s performance for yourself below in the embedded video but we must warn you before you do. The tune is going to stay in your head for a long time and Dunafon’s giant, floating head will be in there as well. So please proceed with caution…

We’re not saying that politicians can’t use music to move their message but why did he have to be in the video? He already has a world class musician in his corner. Why couldn’t he just let him handle the music and the singing? Sadly, this is the downside of a state with legal marijuana.

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