Alex Winter Confirms That Keanu Reeves is on Board for “Bill & Ted 3”

bill and ted

There are some movies that it feels like their fans have been waiting a lifetime to finally see. One of the perennial franchises from the late 80s and early 90s has been languishing in the wings to get the sequel it deserves for awhile now but it appears that it’s finally about to be in the works. Of course, we’re talking about Bill & Ted 3

Alex Winter–the man who played the blonde, curly-haired rocker in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey–not only confirmed that a script has been completed for a third movie, but he also said that Keanu Reeves is finally on board and ready to play Ted once again on the big screen. Winter said the duo will play the pair of long haired slackers as 40-somethings, with all the pitfalls that entail with getting older, growing up and having access to a time traveling phone booth. The movie will address where they’ve been and what they’ve been doing by throwing in alt-world versions of the duo in order “to answer that question in a comedic way rich with possibility.”

The most promising news is that Reeves is on board to play Ted once again. Winter said he–and everyone connected with the first two movies, including Reeves–have been constantly talking about making a third movie but they’ve been having trouble coming up with an idea that they felt was strong enough to merit giving the characters a proper trilogy. And this should also make for people being less surprised when they see Alex and Keanu out socially, which has been going on for decades. They’ve always been really good friends. Try to remember that, people. It’s no big deal.

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