Emma Watson Nude Pics Site Turns Out To Be Bad Viral Marketing


It was presented as a revenge site aimed at Emma Watson for her UN speech, but the threat of hacked nude pics from EmmaYouAreNext.com (“brought to you by 4Chan”) turned out to be bad marketing from an (alleged) marketing company called Rantic. The site promised (or, yeah, threatened) to publish photos as part of a third wave of #TheFappening (after #TheFappening 2), but what we all got was a site that now takes us to a petition to Barack Obama to shut down 4Chan–that being the internet site that keeps getting cited as Ground Zero for these illegally-obtained pictures.

We wouldn’t mind if 4Chan went after Rantic. We doubt the morons at Rantic got Emma’s approval on this screwheaded scheme, and their attempt to show off as white knights of the internet seems like a shallow bid for attention over an important topic. We doubt any of this will get Rantic the kind of attention that they wanted–but it’s nice to know that Emma Watson is feeling a lot less baffled this morning.

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