Vince Vaughn To Get Serious With Colin Farrell on “True Detective”


Vince Vaughn True Detective

Ever since the end of the first groundbreaking season of HBO’s True Detective, everyone’s been speculating about who would fill the show’s very big shoes for season two. HBO finally confirmed that actor and movie star Vince Vaughn will star alongside Collin Farrell for True Detective’s second season. [Photo: Jonathan Daniel/Getty]

Here’s the interesting part. Vaughn is not going to play a detective. This season plans to offer a deeper focus on corruption in criminal investigations as Farrell plays Det. Ray Velcoro, an officer corrupted by a mobster who controls him and most of his police department. Vaughn will play Frank Semyon, the head of a criminal empire who tries to make a move into a legitimate business but is drawn back into the criminal world when someone murders his business partner.

There arestill a couple more roles to fill so we’re not done hearing about the celebrities who are on board for the second season. So far, we’re still waiting to hear about who’s going to play another male and female police officer who also get drawn into the central story of corruption.

We have pretty high hopes for this show after the first mind-blowing season. Show creator Nic Pizzolatto is still on board having written all eight of the new season’s episodes so we’re bound to get something good even if it’s not as good as the first season. It’s also a smart choice for Vaughn who seems to have been stuck playing the same guy in a string of forgetful comedy movies.


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